Dan Cameron (Metron News)

Dimitris Tsoublekas is also interested in documenting domestic or private spaces and his familiar outdoor environment, but he works with multiple subjects in such a way as to create images in which certain startling visual juxtapositions are created with a sense of complete appropriateness.

In many of his current photographs of domestic interiors, Tsoublekas addresses the notion that even the 'perfect' home cannot entirely block out the exterior world, which seeps in either in the form of visual symbols (a dumpster on which the word "Fear" has been spray-painted) or as a gritty miniaturized urban dwelling which has landed squarely on the coffee table of an otherwise harmonious apartment terrace.

Taken as a group, the artists in Metro demonstrate both that the subjects of contemporary art are as varied as its creators, as well as the point that no single medium or point of departure is more valid or important in current practice than any other. By combining their work within an idealized setting like that of the Deste Foundation, it is hoped that they will reach a broader public than is usually the case for artists of their median age.

More importantly, the exhibition hopes to make a convincing case not merely for emerging artists in Greece, but especially for the vitality of the role that artistic creation can attain within the perpetually shifting context of everyday life...

Dan Cameron

(from the Metro-New trends in contemporary Greek art catalogue )